Stan Trampe lived most of his life in St. Louis, MO, moving to San Diego in 2012. In 1987, at the age of 56, he became inspired with serious black and white fine-art nude photography after a week-long workshop with Robert Farber in Northern California. He began working with digital imaging in 2000, and within a year, abandoned his darkroom and converted to all digital capture and production. He continues to photograph almost exclusively in black & white, including infrared. Stan is a self-taught photographer, and gained valuable insights during several workshops with artists Joyce Tennyson, Ken Marcus, Jerry Uelsmann, Michael Kenna and Sally Mann (all exceptional darkroom printers). Stan’s work is entirely fine-art nude and a few portraits.

His passion to create fine-art nude images continues to this day and at 83 years young, he hopes that it will continue for many more years. His models are his inspiration and he continues to photograph a minimum of two sessions per week. Stan’s preference is to photograph one model for more than one year; doing this builds a remarkable rapport that improves the work. The model and Stan are frequently co-creators; as a group he finds that models are very creative.

Stan admits to sometimes being overwhelmed by what he sees: a model at a stream in the early morning, fog lifting, her form touched by the first muted rays of sunlight, or in his studio with touching expressions of light. Stan quips that his models forgive the occasional tears that he sheds.

Stan has authored two books on the subject of fine art nude photography. The first, “Black and White Nude Photography” is out print and unavailable on Amazon but can found via web search or Ebay. The second, “Fine Art Nudes” is available at Stan Trampe on Amazon. Both books are available at Stan Trampe on Abebooks.